About us

Aquila Connect
The ultimate hub for connecting property investors, landlords and deal sourcers

At Aquila Connect, we understand the challenges faced by individuals in the real estate industry when it comes to finding the right partners. Whether you're a property sourcer looking for new investment opportunities, a landlord seeking reliable tenants, or an investor searching for lucrative ventures, we've created a seamless platform to meet all your needs.

Our platform is designed to revolutionize the way real estate professionals collaborate

With Aquila Connect, you gain access to a vast network of sourcers, landlords, and investors. Our advanced search and matching algorithms ensure that you connect with the right individuals who align with your specific requirements and objectives.

I've never seen anything like that. I can find invesors here, see their investment criteria and reach out to them directly. Aquila Connect Made my life so much easier. Stephen H.

This website complements greatly everything they teach us on sourcing courses. Just found my first investor here!! Marie M.

I believe every business is about people.

I set up Aquila Connect to address the issue I had myself when I was trying to find my next investment property: I spent way too much time browsing Facebook groups trying to find a deal in my area and if I did, I couldn't verify the deal sourcer.

This experience prompted me to use my skills I gained working years in startup environment and create a portal that will make some good in our industry.

Aquila Connect is all about connecting people. It's a place where sourcers can find the right investor, investor can find an online deal and the home owner can list their property directly to our community and save thousends on agent fees.