About us

Aquila Connect
We are new, independent property marketplace created for homeowners and investors to sell properties directly to buyers and save money on agency fees.


At Aquila Connect, we believe there is no need to spend money on estate agent fees when it comes to selling your property.

Our mission is to help ordinary people as well as savvy investors save thousands of pounds on agency commissions and make the process of self-selling your property so smooth and easy that we will have actual impact on how properties are sold in the UK

How did we come across this idea?

This type of marketplace is extremely popular in many countries of continental Europe and all we do is just replicating something that already works, to your benefit.

On top of that, although there are places on British internet where properties can be listed in a similiar way, there is not a single one custom-built for properties. It just makes sense to have one. To have a choice.

I've never seen anything like that. I can find invesors here, see their investment criteria and reach out to them directly. Aquila Connect Made my life so much easier. Stephen H.

I have a feeling this website will revolutionise how properties are sold Marie M.

Our Mission is to disrupt the market and allow homeowners and investors list and sell their properties directly to buyers, without having to spend a penny on agencies fees.

Our Vission is to create the largest, independent property marketplace in UK that is accessible to general public and doesn't cost a fortune to use.

Our Values are: Transparency, Convenience, Safety, Sustainability and an obsession about creating unparalleled Value for Money