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Welcome to Aquila Connect's Compliance Verified Badge programme – the ultimate recognition for individuals who have taken the extra step to ensure their compliance credentials are verified and recognised. Elevate your reputation and stand out from the crowd by acquiring our prestigious Compliance Verified Badge.

Why get the Compliance Verified Badge?

As the regulatory landscape evolves, demonstrating compliance and trustworthiness is becoming increasingly essential for professionals like you. With the Compliance Verified Badge, you can showcase your dedication to upholding industry standards and best practices. Our badge will be displayed on your individual profile for everyone to see, as well as on every single deal you post.

How does it work?

Obtaining your Compliance Verified Badge is simple and straightforward:


For a nominal fee of just £49.00, you can initiate the compliance verification process.

Download a PDF File

with a full list of all relevant documents, information, processes and links required for the compliance check to Aquila Connect Ltd.

Submit your Information

Within 48 hours of sending the payment, send an email to: with all the items described in the previously downloaded pdf.


Our expert team will carefully review and assess your submissions within 7 days of receipt. Rest assured, your data will be handled securely and with the utmost confidentiality.


Once your compliance credentials are successfully verified, you will be awarded our prestigious Compliance Verified Badge. Your dedication to compliance will be officially recognised, setting you apart in your industry.

What if the badge cannot be granted?

At Aquila Connect, we strive to help individuals succeed in their compliance journey. ‘In the rare instance where we cannot grant the Compliance Verified Badge, due to insufficient evidence, don’t worry, as we are committed to your success and will provide detailed feedback on your submission

Moreover, we offer you an additional chance to reapply, absolutely free. Take this opportunity to address the feedback and resubmit your updated information within 14 days.

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Note: Aquila Connect Ltd. reserves the right to evaluate submissions and grant the Compliance Verified Badge at its discretion, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.